Unexpected Outcomes

Unexpected Outcomes

Let me start by stating the obvious. I have a weird mind. I never took LSD back in the 60’s so I can’t blame it on that.


The other day I heard a story that got the wheels of my mind turning. It seems that commercial Mollusk fishermen were seeing their catches getting smaller over time. As they brought up the Mollusk, they were pulling up way more starfish instead. It appears that the Mollusk is the gourmet meal of choice for starfish. The fisherman got so upset that they all agreed that when they were done at the end of the day, they would chop the starfish into small pieces and throw them back into the sea. Perhaps they thought that when the starfish saw their chopped up buddies in little pieces, they would get the hint, and get out of Dodge.


What the fishermen didn’t know is that starfish are asexual. Cut up starfish pieces didn’t die but each piece became a new starfish. Their attempt to solve the problem just created more problems.


I think I’m a bigger problem creator than problem solver. I’m thankful that as I’ve grown older, Jesus has taken on the role of being my problem solver.



The Board of Directors is prayerfully pursuing the option of purchasing the 1919 Apple Street property. As we get more information, we will let you know the steps we are taking to make this happen.



Pastor Alan

News At The Bread

Porch Church, Oklahoma

This week we were extremely blessed by an amazing group of kids from Oklahoma who spent part of their summer missions trip helping us! They cleaned, sorted, moved, prayed with us and for us! They were sponsored by Pastor Mark Finnigan at Life Point Church in Oceanside. Check out one of their amazing boys on our Facebook page.