Sorry, Wrong Number!

Sorry, Wrong Number!

A special day has come and gone, and most people let it slip by with no recognition at all.


March 10th was “International Find a Pay Phone Booth Day.” Think about it. There are millions of Americans who have never seen or even heard of a phone booth.


While they are few and far between, pay phone booths are still out there. In the days before cell phones, you could a find a phone booth almost anywhere. They were in every restaurant, store, and public building. For a dime, now a quarter, you could easily place a phone call.


I have a special place in my heart for the phone booth. In 1958 I was stationed with the Army at Fort Ord. My girlfriend was in school, and with me away, guys were hitting on her all the time. One doofus, in particular, told her that I was dating another girl at the same time I was dating her. I got a letter that we were through. I got a pocket full of quarters and went to a phone booth.


25 cents for the first 3 minutes and 25 cents for each additional 3 minutes. We talked so long that the operator came on and told me the phone couldn’t take any more change. I had to get another pocket full of quarters and find a different phone booth. Thankfully, before I was totally broke, and another phone full, she said she believed me. 58 years later I’m still with my phone booth girl. I do, however have a cell phone with unlimited minutes.



Pastor Alan