One of my favorite books in the bible is Proverbs. It’s filled with “God” sayings that has the effect of producing an instantaneous response in me. It’s been my experience, that no matter what’s happening in my life, I will bump into a proverb that gives clarity to that particular situation.


I was reading Proverbs 21:5, where it basically says, “careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; but hasty shortcuts puts you further behind.” It brought to mind a mission trip I took to Africa nearly 15 years ago. Our plan was to fly into Kenya, then Uganda and then sneak into Sudan. Because of the ongoing war, the flight into Sudan would be dangerous and expensive because only mercenaries would fly illegally into that country. When the powers to be sat down to map out the flight, they decided to try a shortcut to save money and time. What they didn’t know was that the new flight plan would take us directly over an enemy anti-aircraft installation. After being fired on, we were forced to land in the middle of nowhere, near a burned village where 600 people had just been murdered. The hasty shortcut put us well behind because the injured people we came to help had to walk 25 plus miles through barren desert to get treated.


So now when faced with making decisions, I don’t rush to judgment lest my decision gets me shot down.



Pastor Alan

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