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Our Services

We offer Sunday Chapel services, case management, counseling, housing and recovery referral service, nightly to-go lunches, food box for working poor, over night winter shelter, clothing and bus passes.


  1. Service 9:30am
  2. Bible available upon request
  • MEALS MINISTRY  Nightly 4:30-6:30 pm

  1. Intake, drug test, picture identification
  2. Coffee/Beverage service 4:30 – 5:15 pm
  3. Dinner service 5:30- 6:30 pm

Food Program

1. Food Pantry: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 am-12 pm The food pantry gives available food, on a first come, serve basis. 

2. Food Distribution: from San Diego Food Bank the last Thursday of every month beginning at 3pm.

Please bring a bag to carry the food you receive. Sign in required.


  1. Clothing nightly (when available)
  2. Toiletries
  3. Socks 
  4. Personal hygiene items (women)
  5. Winter clothing/jackets/sweatshirts
  6. Blankets
  7. Bicycles (when available)

WINTER SHELTER MINISTRY – Open December 1st – March 31st

  1. Overnight shelter
  2. Case management
  3. Bible study
  4. Movie and snacks
  5. To go lunch