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DONATE to Bread of Life


BREAD OF LIFE RESCUE MISSION is solely dependent on the financial gifts of our supporters.  Basic expenses each month including leasing our space, insurance coverage (a considerable expense), utilities, facility maintenance, homeless assistance, paper goods, tableware, beverages, and cleaning supplies.  Financial information about Bread of Life may be obtained by written inquiry to Bread of Life.  Please be assured – any donation helps and is truly appreciated!

Other Ways To Give:

Gift cards are an invaluable resource for us at the Bread of Life. They allow us to buy toiletries for our hygiene closet, plasticware, paper plates etc. for our dining room and pantry. Gift cards to places such as Target, Walmart, major department stores, and grocery stores allow us to meet the needs of our clients year round.


What Your Donation Buys:

$1 Historically, for each dollar contribution from a private entity, Bread of Life receives and distributes donated food worth $2.
$10 Pays the cost to provide one night of shelter to one individual.
$60 Pays the cost of a one-month bus pass for one guest pursuing rehabilitation.
$100 Pays the cost of one full tank of gas for our food van 
$250 Pays the cost of kitchen supplies (coffee, utensils, paper plates, etc.) for one week.
$500 Pays the cost of one week of case management services for 50 shelter recipients.
$3,000 Pays the cost of two weeks’ rent for the entire facility.
$3,500 Pays the cost of all expenses incurred during one week during the shelter season.



Your generosity will make a BIG difference!
For more information, please contact us at:

Donation Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 458   Oceanside, CA 92049
(Please do not mail donations to Apple Street location)