Amazing People

Amazing People

Readers Digest has a section called “The most unforgettable character I ever met.” Growing up in Encinitas, I had numerous encounters with Ida Truax, who was one of those amazing unforgettable people. She was born in 1885 and died in 1987 at the age of 102. It’s hard to believe that she was 54 years old when I was born. She had a ton of stories to tell and lots of people who wanted to hear them. When she was a teenager, there were no cars on the road. She was 18 when the Wright brothers flew their first airplane at Kitty Hawk and she watched Apollo 11 land on the moon. Grover Cleveland was president when she was born and she would see 17 presidents take office in her lifetime. My final contact with Ida was in August of 1987 when I was asked by her family to conduct her funeral service.


Psalm 39 reminds us that we need to consider how brief our time on earth will be. I need to know I’m here for just a brief time and my whole lifetime is just a moment to God. Often, because of our pride, all our rushing around ends up doing is building up riches for someone else to spend. So, Lord, our only hope is in you.


When I think of amazing people, I think of the many servants, volunteers, and staff that give of their time and resources to help our guests here at Bread of Life. Thank you for your ongoing generosity.



Pastor Alan

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Blessed To Serve


We are grateful to have Emelyn Wessendorf is our wonderful dining room meal coordinator! God brought her to BOL through the loss of her job two years ago. While listening to K-WAVE, she heard the question, “Where are you spending your time?”, and began praying, “Lord, what would you have me to do?” She was already involved with Calvary Chapel’s “In His Name” ministry when she heard about the needs at Bread of Life. Sensing God wanted her there, she decided to see what she could do to help. In May of 2017, Jamie Hesseling asked her to be the dining room meal coordinator, and ever since Emmelyn has been faithfully serving here at BOL. She is blessed by the opportunity to serve others and be a part of the ministry.


 Would you like to be a part of BOL also? Maybe God is calling you to use some of your time to be a reflection of Him to your world! Right now, 14 churches are participating in the dining room program. You can be a part also! We need home fellowships, bible study groups, churches, or any other organization to volunteer to bring meals for our program, especially as we enter our winter shelter season. All you need to do is bring a prepared meal for about 50 people for the summer season, 100 people for the winter season, and 6-8 servers. Contact Emmelyn at (760) 213-3130  for available days to serve. We would love to have you join us!

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