A Shipwrecked Life

A Shipwrecked Life

The story is told of a man who looked at his life and concluded that he was just like the Professor on Gilligan’s Island. Most of you are too young to remember this sitcom. The plot centered around a charter boat with 5 tourists and a crew of 2 caught in a storm and shipwrecked on a deserted island. The tourists were a millionaire and his wife, an actress, a Kansas farm girl and a professor. On the show, the Professor was brilliant. He knew how to turn banana peels into diesel fuel and he could take algae and make chocolate fudge, but he never got around to fixing the hole in the boat, so he could get off the island.


The moral of the story is that It’s easy to spend our lives learning how to do amazing things that don’t really matter and ignore the hole in our boat. And ignoring the obvious is why most people are stuck where they are.” The failure to stop and think today may result in severe consequences tomorrow.


Many of the people who show up at the mission are here because the storms of life have washed them up on our little island. Our role, as caretakers, is to do all we can to heal and help the injured and discouraged, and to get them safely back to the mainland. As God has been my source of comfort over the years, it’s now my opportunity bring His comfort to others.



Pastor Alan

News At The Bread

Spanish Ministry of Calvary Oceanside

The Spanish ministry of Calvary Chapel Oceanside blessed many families in our community on Saturday, July 28, at the Bread of Life. The ministry provided new backpacks for children preparing to head back to school. Pastor Shaun and his team entertained children and their families with a puppet show and dancing. They provided delicious food, school supplies, and offered prayer to those in attendance.