Vanishing Steam

Vanishing Steam

I personally believe the Bible is a thinking man’s book. I was reading the other day of a man, who when he recognized what a loser he was, asked God to forgive him of his hidden faults and keep him from presumptuous sins so they wouldn’t have dominion over him.


I have been presumptuous on numerous occasions and taken God for granted. And that has never worked out well for me.


But as I have matured over time, just another way of saying I’ve gotten old, life has taught me that I’m not as smart as I thought I was. I’ve come to grip with the truth that I’m not going to live forever and that there are consequences for the bad choices we make. It’s no wonder that so many folks deny the idea of an afterlife simply because they don’t want to believe they will have to face the music for the way they lived. I’m so glad that God offers forgiveness to those who come to Him on his terms.


The Bible tells us that we should view our life like steam coming from a teapot on a stove, that appears for a short time, and then vanishes when the fire is turned off. The reason being, that one day the fire is going to be turned off under our teapot. I don’t know about you, but I want my steam to count for something positive.



Pastor Alan

News At The Bread

Special Volunteer Ken Swift

Ken started carrying boxes for people receiving food from our pantry in September 0f 2016 after his daughter gently urged him to find a place to volunteer. He is married to his “angel” wife Bonnie and they have four children and six grandchildren.


One year ago Ken started engaging with local churches and asked them to partner with and support the Bread of Life. With Ken’s inspiration, we are launching our “Loaves of Change” outreach believing that your spare change can change lives. He believes that Bread of Life is our local mission field and we are directed and privileged to serve the working poor, the homeless, and the hurting.


Ken has often prayed with out guests as they pick up their food boxes and we are already hearing about miracles happening from these prayers! Ken says that he has been spiritually fed here, stating “it takes me out of myself and reveals the Holy Spirit working through me.”


Ken is a wonderful prayer warrior and servant; and, a huge blessing for us!