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Dear Business Leader:
One year ago we launched our first Commerce with Compassion campaign.  With great enthusiasm, we now embark on our second Compassion campaign.  And, once again, we are asking the business community to jump in and make a difference for the most needy of our community.

Bread of Life Rescue Mission is located in Oceanside.  Since 1999, we have served the poor, hungry, and homeless of a six-city area including Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, and Encinitas.  Our services include a homeless shelter, food and clothing distribution, and individualized case management.  We cooperate with local churches, county social service agencies, and municipal entities.  We are a member of the Alliance for Regional Solutions.  We do not discriminate against any individual who is seeking assistance and desiring change in their lives.  And, our efforts produce dramatic results.  Every year, a significant number of our guests find a way off of the streets, gaining housing and employment.

Commerce with Compassion is a campaign directed toward the people and organizations that make our society “work.”  You in the business community bring productivity and prosperity that we all enjoy.  In this campaign, we want to partner with those companies in our hard-working business community that show true compassion for the least fortunate in our society.  Two months ago, Bread of Life faced a financial challenge.  A decision was made to discontinue the very modest salaries that we pay to our three officer-employees.  This extreme measure has bought our organization some time.  However, this is not a sustainable posture, and we are urgently requesting your financial assistance at this time.

This year’s campaign will focus on 15 sectors in the local economy: banks, insurance companies, real estate companies, product companies, law firms, restaurants, retailers, computer and software companies, healthcare companies, biotech companies, builders and contractors, auto retail and service companies.  

Will you please consider helping Bread of Life in these difficult times?  The task of looking after the least fortunate can be overwhelming.  But, with the broad support of our business community, it can be very manageable.  Please help us to help those who are truly desperate.  Your kindness will demonstrate how your business does commerce with compassion!

Thank you and God bless you!

Pastor Alan

Bread of Life Rescue Mission
EIN 33-0871721

Ready to show your compassion? Make a donation below online or by mail!
 Bronze – $500  

Please mail your check or money order donation to:

Bread of Life Rescue Mission
P.O. Box 458
Oceanside, CA 92049

 Silver – $1000  

 Gold – $5000